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EPISODE 16: Ever wondered how I have the capacity to do the things I do?  Have you ever struggled with feeling like you're doing too much, but don't know what to do about it?  We're talking about that today in Episode 16: How To Heal From and Avoid Burnout.

Also in today's episode:

The Balanced + Wholehearted Living Workshop is now open for enrollment!  Find all the details and sign up here.  But don't wait too long, space is intentionally limited, and registration closes next week.

HOLY HUSTLE by Crystal Stine: You'll love the message in this book to work hard and rest well. 

MichelleAcker.com/PODCAST:  I had to switch hosting platforms, and I hope the transition is seamless.  But just in case, know that MichelleAcker.com/podcast will have all the links if you have any trouble next week. 

Workshops, Coaching, & a Retreat, Oh MY!  There are some fun opportunities coming up. I'd love to connect with you in one of these places!



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